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多賀治 純米大吟醸 朝日 無濾過生原酒

多賀治 純米大吟醸 朝日 無濾過生原酒


此款生酒不經過高溫消毒而且不經過過濾,新鮮感十足,使用水果之鄉岡山縣當地酒米 朝日米, 更加能體驗在地味道,果香十足,酒體平衡餘韻悠長,一試難忘


多賀治來自有水果之鄉之稱的日本岡山縣的十八盛酒造 - 十八盛酒造創業于1785年 距今已經有超過230年歷史,該酒造只有8名員工,注重質量而不是大量商業製造,而且只是用岡山縣在地酒米和附近的河川泉水 務求帶出在地風格! 多賀治是該酒造新的品牌 同時也是第5代傳人的名字而命名,寓意創新 帶出新派清酒的新鮮風格


Named after our 5th generation president, Ishiai Takaji, this sake inherits his ethos of always challenging himself to produce new and innovative sake.  Made from only locally cultivated Okayama rice and using fresh clear water from the nearby Takahashi river, the Takaji series is fastidiously brewed to the highest standard.






After the initial gentle aroma, the first sip reveals the work of the special blend of yeasts which work in harmony to create a unique savoury aroma. As you saviour the tightly condensed sweetness from the Asahi rice, the finish is mellow, rounded and smooth.

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